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Neuro Massage Therapy for Sports Injuries & Chiropractic Care

Although athletes are fit individuals, they are also prone to sports injury as a result of intense activity. There are a number of reasons why you develop a sports injury, including over-training, failing to stretch or simply suffering an abrupt force during activity. Although a sports injury can affect multiple areas of the body, certain injuries are more common than others.

Pulled or strained muscles, for example, can occur while running long distances or performing on muscles that are not sufficiently warmed-up. Herniated discs are another type of personal injury common to athletes, as are dislocated joints, tendonitis, whiplash and tennis elbow. Because these injuries can affect pressure points and nerve pathways in the body, the result can include neck and back pain, chronic headaches and migraines, tingling in the extremities, numbness or even tenderness throughout the body. Plantar fasciitis is another common injury that affects athletes. The condition causes an inflammation of the thick tissues in the foot that creates the foot’s arch. Both chiropractic care and massage therapy helps heal plantar fasciitis.

Neuro Massage Therapy
Neuro Massage Therapy

Treating the Active Individual

At Neuro, we don’t start treating sports injuries until we have conducted a complete assessment to determine the underlying cause of pain and other symptoms. After a consultation and a diagnosis is made, we manually adjust your spine to encourage proper alignment of the discs and vertebrae, which can become easily displaced when jolted by a collision during athletic activity.

In addition to using chiropractic care to treat sports injuries, we also use massage therapy to manage symptoms in a natural, non-invasive way. For example, massage therapy helps the muscles relax and release toxins that can cause a limited range of motion. Individuals who use massage therapy in combination with chiropractic treatment experience less muscle soreness and heal faster.

Our massage therapy in combination with regular exercise can:

Reduce muscle tension

Increase range of motion

Lessen fatigue

Lower or eliminate swelling

Prevent injuries

Monitor muscle tone

Improve muscle tone

Decrease muscle stiffness

Enable higher athletic performance

Reduce irregular breathing

Promote relaxation

Support heart rate recovery

Enhance exercise performance

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During your first appointment, our massage therapist talks with you about your needs and your treatment goals. We then tailor a treatment program to meet your unique needs. Sessions last up to 60 minutes, depending on the type of therapy. Your massage therapist uses a combination of gentle strokes and firm kneading to promote healing in your muscles, tendons and ligaments, as well as preventing injury.