Pain Management Therapy


Neuro Massage Therapy for Pain Management

Massage therapy and care for pain management is highly effective, regardless of whether the pain is due to illness, accidental injury or misalignment. Chronic conditions, such as fibromyalgia and arthritis, often cause recurring pain. An accidental injury is more likely to cause acute pain that comes on suddenly. Trauma can occur in the soft tissues in the neck and back. Stiffness, numbness or dizziness may be signs of a neck injury, such as strain or whiplash.

Regardless of the cause, any type of pain diminishes your quality of life. Daily activities become more difficult. Simple actions, such as washing a load of laundry, putting on your shoes or combing your hair, can become more arduous. Pain restricts range of motion, impairing balance and coordination.

Neuro Massage Therapy

Treating Everyday Pains

At Neuro, we give you the first-line treatment for chronic pain conditions and the ongoing management of them. We use gentle methods to relieve soreness due to car accident injury, personal injuries, sports injuries and work place injuries. These non-invasive treatments are also effective for back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica and other sources of chronic pain that cause numbness and tingling in your extremities. We restore your whole body health, which makes pain much less likely to return.

Our massage therapy decreases muscle tension, increases circulation and calms the nervous system. Our massage methods help alleviate a wide variety of conditions, such as:


Reducing stress gives you more energy, improves your outlook, and has even been shown to reduce the likelihood of injury and illness.

Tight & painful muscles

Massage stretches and kneads away muscle tension, sending a message to muscles throughout your body to let go and relax.

Post-exercise soreness

After vigorous exercise, massage improves circulation, cleansing tissues or irritating wastes, and brings oxygen and nutrients to relieve pain and speed recovery.

Pain or tingling in your arms or legs

Muscles contract so much that they cause pain or tingling. A massage releases muscle spasms in the neck, shoulder or hip, bringing relief.


Massage helps heal injuries, such as tendinitis, ligament sprains or muscle strains, as well as reduce swelling and inflammation.

Secondary pain

Massage relieves secondary pain, such as headaches from eyestrain, backache during pregnancy, or the protective tensing or healthy muscles around an injury.

Injury prevention

By relieving chronic tension, massage helps prevent injuries that might be caused by stressing unbalanced muscle groups, or by favoring or forcing a tight, painful area.

Pain or restriction in joints

Massage releases tight muscles that restrict join movement. It also increases circulation to the joints and relieves pain from conditions like arthritis.

Fluid retention

Massage and the resulting increased circulation helps drain your tissues or excess fluid caused by recent injury, surgery or pregnancy.

Postural problems

Massage releases restrictions in muscles, joints and surrounding connective tissue coverings. This frees your body to return to a more natural posture.

Ill effects of restricted activity

With limited physical activity because of injury, surgery, paralysis or aging, massage relieves aches and pains and improves your sense or vitality and alertness.

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During your first appointment, our massage therapist talks with you about your pain management needs and your treatment goals. We then tailor a treatment program to meet your unique needs. Sessions last up to 60 minutes, depending on the type of therapy. Your massage therapist uses a combination of gentle strokes and firm kneading to promote healing in your muscles, tendons and ligaments.